Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ES)

The partners at Autónoma University Madrid (UAM) belong to an On Inclusion research group and they work at Training Teacher Education Faculty. One of its objectives is focus on Teachers’ professional development on inclusive education and designing and evaluating different forms of inclusive implementation in different educational contexts.

Both have worked on the guide Training Curriculum Design for All Pedagogy coordinated by the conference of rectors of Spanish universities. They were also co-presidents of the congress on Teacher Training at the UAM in 2017. Some of their joint publications centred around the analysis of the discourse on inclusive education today.

Sergio Sanchez Fuentes

Sergio is a Doctor of Education from the University of Salamanca and the Institute for Integration in the Community (INICO) of the same university. Also, he has a degree in Psychopedagogy from the same university and a Diploma in Teaching in the specialty of Physical Education from the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Currently a professor of the Interfacultative Department of Developmental Psychology and Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has also been a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, the Catholic University of Murcia and the University of Burgos. He regularly collaborates in master’s degrees in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile and is a regular speaker in permanent teacher trainings in Spain and Latin America.

Sergio has participated in various research and transfer projects. His main publications in the highest impact indices in the area of specialization have to do with the application of the paradigm of universal design in education as a methodology that favors an inclusive pedagogy. In addition, he has a total of more than 50 publications with some kind of impact both in articles and book chapters. In addition, he has participated as direct author in more than 10 complete books, as well as coordinator of manuals for teacher training through joint publications of the CRUE and the ONCE Foundation. 

He has conducted training at universities, foundations and non-profit organizations in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Kazakhstan and Jordan. He has also carried out research stays in prestigious centers such as the Teacher College of Columbia University in New York, as well as in the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), the founding center and creator of the principles of Universal Design for Learning. 

Marta Sandoval

Special Education Teacher, counsellor and professor at Teachers’ Training and Education Faculty at Madrid Autonoma University (Spain), Marta began her research career at the Center for Educational Research and Documentation of the Ministry of Education where she was a research fellow in the  area “inequalities in education”. In 2004 she started working as an associate lecturer in the Faculty of Teacher Training at the Madrid Autonoma University. One of her greatest acknowledgements lies in being the author and coordinator of the teacher training course “Inclusive Education. Equals in Diversity” in the national and Latin American editions for more than six years, promoted by the Ministry of Education.

She became an national Expert at the European Agency for Inclusive Education in two projects, one of on indicators in inclusive education and achievement for all, “Raising achievement for all” which ended in 2017 .Also, she has participated in several international competitive projects “Responding to diversity by engaging with students’ voices: a strategy for teacher development”(European Commission 518637-LLP-1-2011-1-UK-COMENIUS-CMP, 2011-2014) “Teaching diverse learners in school subjects” (Comenius multilateral network 541969-LLP-1-2013-1-DE-COMENIUS-CNW, 2013-2016); and “Reaching the ‘hard to reach’: inclusive responses to diversity through child-teacher dialogue” (REHARE) (Erasmus+, 2017-2020). 

Furthermore, she has coordinated several international competitive projects with the University of Northern Arizona (United States) and another in collaboration with UNESCO in Peru. Also in Spain he directed another study ” School Models and teaching experiences in the processes of support to students at risk of educational exclusion in Spain” financed by the Center for Research and Educational Documentation (CIDE) which lasted three years 2009-2012.